What is 302.AI?
302.AI is a self-service platform gathering top AI from around the world, assembling all kinds of leading AI models, offering various AI robots, usage of various AI tools, and AI API integration.
What are the advantages of 302.AI?
Comprehensive Features: 302.AI assists users by testing a multitude of AI models available on the market, selecting the most efficient and integrating them into 302.AI platform, reducing the selection cost for users. This includes but is not limited to text processing, image processing, and sound processing.
Easy to Use: 302.AI provides robots, tools, and APIs in various ways to meet the needs of various users, from beginners to developers.
Pay-as-you-go, Zero Threshold: 302.AI does not offer monthly subscription plans and set any thresholds for our products. Pay as you go and be open to all.
Separation of Managers and Users: Users don't have to care about complex AI settings. Let those who understand AI handle the configuration, simplifying the usage process.
How is the pricing for 302.AI calculated?
302.AI adopts a pay-as-you-go, Pay-per-use model, with no monthly packages. The minimum recharge is $5 to use all AI products. It can be compared to mobile phone charges, where some AI models are like calls, charged by usage (Token); some AI models are like text messages, charged by the number of times.
What is token?
Token is a specialized term within the AI industry, used as a unit of measurement for text. It can be roughly understood as charging by the number of characters in a conversation. By conversion, 1 million tokens are approximately equivalent to 550,000 Chinese characters or 750,000 English characters. For further information, you may refer to this article.
How is the security of 302.AI?
302.AI team is also the development team of Proxy302, which has been online for 4 years without any data leakage incidents or privacy-related user complaints. In the process of developing Proxy302, we have also delved into and researched technologies for secure data transmission and storage, committing to protecting the safety and privacy of user data, taking multiple measures to ensure data security. Moreover, all robot information from 302.AI is stored locally, with no data retention on the server side.
Does 302.AI offer API service?
302.AI provides comprehensive and open API interfaces. Users can easily integrate various tools and models of 302.AI into their own applications or websites through the API to achieve a customized AI experience.
What scenarios can 302.AI be used for?
302.AI can be widely applied in various scenarios, including but not limited to enterprise empowerment, educational assistance, creative entertainment, and other fields. Both enterprises and individual users can find AI tools that suit their needs based on their specific requirements.
What technical support does 302.AI provide?
302.AI provides a variety of technical support, including technical documentation, help center, online customer service and other services. Users can choose the appropriate technical support method based on their needs to ensure smooth usage of 302.AI products.
Does 302.AI support multiple users using it simultaneously?
302.AI is designed for simultaneous use by multiple users. We hope that it will be created and managed by AI experts and shared among multiple users, allowing everyone to benefit from the use of AI.